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Hyup Community Guidelines

We provide these guidelines to ensure that Hyup is a great place to make new friends. We want everyone on Hyup to feel comfortable, so please adhere to the guidelines we have defined. Otherwise we have to delete your content or, if necessary, permanently block your account with or without a warning.

Hyup is for new friends

Hyup is an app to make friends. It is not a dating app and we want you to use it that way and not misuse it.

Be yourself and no one else

We take fake accounts very seriously and remove them as soon as we receive a report or there is a suspicion. Therefore, use the pictures of yourself and no one else. If you can see other people in your pictures, but who do not want to be seen in our app, please remove these pictures.

Image guidelines

Respect everyone for who they are

As in real life and everywhere else, everyone at Hyup should be treated with respect. It doesn't matter what gender, skin color, sexuality, origin or sexual orientation the person has. Hatred towards others as well as other forms of harassment also have consequences for us and are not rioted.

No illegal things are tolerated

As in real life, no illegal things should be seen or performed on Hyup. We immediately block such things and, if necessary, report them to the authorities.

We are not a marketplace

Since we are not a marketplace, no type of goods or services should be sold on our platform. We will remove this and, if necessary, the corresponding profile will also be blocked.

Let's create a platform together on which you can feel comfortable

As soon as you see something that does not comply with our rules or you think is not in order, please report it to us using the "Report" button. Otherwise, please send us an e-mail to mail@hyup.app if you have any other concerns or questions.

Hyup is for people who are 18 or older.